Hi! As many of you are asking, initially and until now probably, why do we have a website? Isn’t that thing “old school”?Yes, thats’ what I thought too, at first. It started when I was running a DS meta, during the time we continuously running the HoT train with a guild applicant, “Do you have a website?” I said, “no, we don’t have”. He replied, “I have a lot of questions about EVA because I want to join your guild but I don’t want to take much of your time.” That made me realize, he has a point, a very good one. A lot of people join EVA and ask questions and we keep answering them one after another after another. Same goes for new comers. I came to a point where I do a copy-paste note for those questions. I know the commanders leading and hosting open world events feel the same thing since we are the guild representatives. So I put the idea into action. With support from the other leaders and Kevin, I formed a Web Team and so it all begun. Then I checked out other guilds’ websites. They are for application, it’s going to be monitored by the leaders (yea that’s a given fact) but after people applied, they don’t go to the site anymore. Some comes back because of famous groups’ build guides. “I cannot do that”,I thought. It’s going to need frequent update! Not to mention, build balancing takes place as often as every 2 weeks. So, what we did is to expand the members’ activity in the site where they can go back every now and then to enjoy what we “will” make for them. As Kevin says and I quote, “EVA is not my guild alone, it’s everyone’s”. So I have to make sure the guild website aligns with that statement. That is where I got too ambitious with what I want to do with the site. The ideas expanded here and there, all strictly put into action (yea I don’t stop until I get what I want, kill me).

As I share my vision with the other guild mates, a lot of help came through. All web team’s and leaders’ labor contribution came 100% free of charge, even though they professionally do these things with fee (yay!). As we all know, everything in this world ends with a **paywall** so we tried to stretch out our research to make everything happen for free because we don’t have funds (yea I don’t know anything about making a website. I’m just an ordinary google surfer :c ). was surprised and amazed with the amount of people talking to me and saying, “Hey! I want to help, but I don’t know anything about it. I know that this and that costs much I’ll be happy to pay for it”. I was like.. “o.o whoa! The dream is real! o/”.The donations kept flowing, others are even put as standby. Jeez! I really have to make this dream a reality! #nowimpressured.

Now, we offer you all the EVA website: a community site that helps and respects each other, not exclusively for Guild Wars 2, but also anywhere we can expand. This is what each member can benefit from the guild site:

Homepage – guild profile. If anyone asks, just point them out here and their questions will be answered, starting from guild history to guild activities, guild metas, guild raid, pvp, until wvw questions.

Guides – this is what’s available for public for those who are not familiar with metas and those who are aspiring to command one. We got “Intro to Raid” which is a good read for the new ppl who wants to be in Raid Training.

Blogs – our very own freedom wall. Any member of EVA (in-game or site community) can update this page and post anything! Whether it is in-game events, screenies you want to tell something about, blogs about your pets, painting, photography, or even if you just want to make a blog about anything.

Calendar – This is where scheduled guild events happen such as meta runs, raid trainings, wvw runs, fractal runs, guild missions, etc. As I have mentioned, some in game events happen sporadically. So they will not appear here. The reason we do not do a regular thing is because we don’t want to oblige our commanders to just do these things like a job. First, it will lock them in these contents, like a whole meta run we used to do. TD-AB-DS-AB-VB lasts for more or less 5 hours including preparation. It will definitely burn them out! Also, people has RL to deal with like work, family, and social life. They only got an hour or two to play especially weekdays. Second, we want them to explore other and new contents too. Ideally, the game is for unwinding and relaxing. If we want to be stressed out, we might as well deal with RL yea? So it’s important we keep the enjoyment to every members. However, anyone who want to schedule and lead any run is free to talk to any admin to publicize it here.

Gallery – these is the new screenies channel from discord. Anything you want to share will be shared! Put ’em all here boys!

Forums – ah this is the place for conversations. As mentioned earlier, the site community is not only for guild wars 2 players of the guild in game, where we have a Discord channel for communication already. It is also for other gw2 players, other mmo players, or anyone who wants to belong in our great community. Some say, *”it’s a duplication!”* well no it isn’t xD. The site community comprises all EVA members from all walks of life, so this is where we communicate and exchange information. Although the threads are mostly about the game, feel free to make more or coordinate with any admin.

Portal – every member will have an additional tab called Portal. This will only be visible once you are logged in. Specific roles are assigned to each member: whether you are an EVA member in-game or in-site community. Each group will have a different set of portal access. There will be a series of exclusive pages just for members:

1. EVA Info and Rules – this is where the policies and other guild information are. This will be our backbone to keep every member in line and in order to keep stability in a huge group. It is important that everyone knows it that is why we require everyone to read it.
2. Announcement – all important news will be popped on your screen when you get online in the site and all of these are logged in this page. Just in case you were sleepy when you look at the popping announcement and close it xD
3. Contests/Raffle – we will be hosting occasional in game (care of Chris *cough cough*) and in site events that will be prized with in-game gold or items, steam game codes, etc. All prizes are open-heartedly donated by the guild members themselves. Some of our past contests were: race to PoF map completion with 500g prize (was done on the first 13hours of PoF release *cough cough Flek* ), PvP matches, weekly raffles were held before, and so much more.
4. Forms – this page is accessible by EVA in game members only as these forms are for in game events. Raid training forms and fractal groups forms can be managed by anyone who wants to lead a training or arrange and lead group runs. WvW and PvP lists are for those scheduled and unscheduled runs, like if you want to lead a group or just do a run you can check these lists to see the availability of the other guild mates.
5. Reports – there are instances where conflicts cannot be avoided. What people do is take screenshots and send them to an officer for settlement. As a result, screenshots are forwarded here and there to every officer to deal with. So it’s better if there is a common ground for dumping these reports where every officer can see them all at the same time. Any bugs in the site can also be reported here if you are a member.
6. Create a Blog Post – aha! This is where EVA members create posts for the blogs on front end, no need for a fugly interface anymore! Type in type out upload screenies/pictures/videos submit and that’s it!
7. Create a Gallery Post – this too! If you just want to share screenies without any text in it, this is the right place to upload em! Pretty sceneries in game, RL, dump em all here and show them to the world!
8. Login/Account Info – so yea, this is where you log in xD. When you are logged in, this will be an account tab where you manage your privacy. We also include an additional option for social interaction: add a co-EVA member as a friend, message any member privately, chat with anyone privately, or follow others and gather followers as well. We also included a timeline where anyone can post to a friend’s page! Make your profile picture, say something about you, post a status or even upload a page cover to represent you <3

Contact EVA – this can be found on the bottom left of the page, for people who are not registered as EVA members but would like to contact us for inquiries. It is important that you input an active email address that you check all the time especially if you are expecting an answer from us 😉

Social accounts – we have a lot of social accounts in “almost” all social media trends so it will be easy for y’all to follow us! Facebook group, Twitter, and Google + links are on the bottom right of the page. We are not “that” active in those accounts. However, any news/events/public announcements will “at times” be posted there.

Subscription – these are for the site community visitors who want to be updated about us. Registered users are automatically subscribers. Updates to blogs, gallery, events calendar, forums and guides pages will be notified to subscribers through mails. Announcements for members will be notified as well through mails so it is required to update your account and use an active, well-checked email.

What’s the site standard time?
UTC+0 synced to guild wars 2 in-game time since most members are from the game.

How do an applicant join? Registration? Are there any requirements?
In the home page, click the Join Us button, fill up the form, read the rules, hit “register” and voala! Yes, there are requirements: we only require people with good personality, go along well with others, and respect everyone. In-game applicants should tick certain boxes so you can be invited inside the game. If you want to join the site community only, we will also love to have you on board! In some cases, where a site community member would want to be invited in the guild in-game, file a ticket in the Report form and we will send in-game invite as well as change your site role.

I have a guide for X and I would want to share it to help others. What do I do?
Talk to any admin, send them a private message, fill up a ticket: Report form if you are already a member.

Will my posts be reposted in social media?
Yes. We are only limited to post to Twitter and the blog page to the Facebook. Any updates from these pages will be automatically be posted there. We only got 2 social media to repost because we are only using a free plugin xD

What do we do with Discord?
EVA Discord is for in-game purposes. It was the social connection between members during the time that we do not have the site yet, and its still is. We still need the voice communication while playing since the app is very light, and most members still socialize through their mobile phones even when they are away.

Where is EVA now?
EVA is here. EVA is everywhere. We have mentioned that we play games to unwind and relax, so a 24/7 in game appearance is not possible xD We see to it that our members are still able to function in RL. However, we meet good people and good groups in the game through the EVA community which we keep even outside the game. We found an even larger circle of friends. This matters the most since it is the community’s purpose. Relax and enjoy the group’s company, this is what we do as we keep a growing friendly community throughout the years.

Any suggestion or help is appreciated. That is a room for improvement! As I have said this project is a charity work from good faith. We cannot promise your request/wish will be granted but we will take note of it and try our very best to make it happen! In behalf of everyone who made this happen: web dev teams, leaders and Kevin.. See you around and enjoy!

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