The Silverwastes Gold Farming

By Heymer

Overview and Getting started: 


SW eva guild wars 2 gw2 eva guild evergreen group1. First thing you will need is  [Bandit Skeleton Key], which can be bought from Bandit Crest Collector near the pact scout in Camp Resolve using Bandit Crest, to open the Bandit Chests later.

2. Next thing you need to do is find a decent squad in LFG.

3. You also need a lower level toon to open bags from (The Salvager). Levels 49 – 54 is fine depending on trading post prices.


When you get all those started, you can enjoy playing in the sandbox.

​Now that you have everything ready, let’s start. There are 3 phases in Silverwastes meta namely:

 1. The Foothold

 2. The Breach

 3. Mordrem Vinewrath

After those three phases, Chest train will begin. Follow commander and open Bandit Chests. After a full cycle, rinse and repeat.

The foothold: Defend forts from mordrem attacks until they subside.


Red – Indigo – Blue – Amber

​So first things first, we start capturing red then indigo, blue and amber in that specific order. Once we’re done capturing amber, we can defend each fort at our own pace going from red, indigo and so on. Remember to keep the pact bulls alive to repair the damage from the forts. The Bull routes and Defend locations are as follows. Please note that we omitted a bull route as it is far from the rotation.

While defending the forts, a bar will fill up on the right side of the screen. When the bar is filled, breach phase will commence. There are approximately five (5) rotations of RIBA until this bar is filled. Spread yourselves to each fort for the breach phase.

The Breach: 

Defeat the mordrem champion/s under each fort.

Breach is the second phase for Silverwastes Meta events. The map will be given five (5) minutes to defeat the Mordrem Champions underneath each fort.​ Each fort will have different bosses with different mechanics and weaknesses.

1. Red Rock Bastion has 1 Champion: Champion Mordrem Husk Copper which is weak to condition damage. This area also has little husks that deal massive amount of Bleeding and you could melt if you get stacked too much. Putting condition damage dealing classes here is advised.

2. Indigo Cave has 2 Champions: Champion Mordrem Teragriff Silver and Gold which charge around the area. The way to keep them from moving is pop the bubble to where they’re going. The two will howl and deal massive damage to the area when they face each other. Putting ranged classes here is advised.

3. Blue has 1 Champion: Champion Mordrem Thrasher Platinum which spins and shoots poison which can be reflected to it. Popping the bubble will cause the thrasher to move to another part of the area. Putting classes that has reflects here is advised.

4. Amber Sandfall has 1 Champion: Champion Mordrem Troll Iron which throws insect swarms and deals massive damage. Any classes here is advised.

Once all bosses are defeated or the timer has ran out, there will be three (3) minutes before choppers land and the next phase will begin.


Mordrem Vinewrath:

Defeat three (3) mordrem champions to defeat Vinewrath

For this phase you are going to pick a lane, South, Mid, or North. Each lane will defend a siege carrier that will help you get into Vinewrath Tangle. Once inside Vinewrath Tangle, a specific boss for each specific lane will appear with a four (4) minute timer and has one (1) special mechanic that one shots people.

South lane 

This is the first lane to go in. When the group is in, a Champion Mordrem Troll will appear. Its special mechanic is it will go in front of Vinewrath and the flower will shoot laser. This laser can 1 shot anybody unless they build a honeycomb and hide behind it. Lure the insect swarms to the honeycombs to build them up to 100% for maximum integrity.

Insect Swarm – These lie on the ground and spawns other insect swarms when one player gets inside the red circle.

Mid lane

This is the second to go in. When the group is in, a Champion Mordrem Thrasher will appear. Its special mechanic is it will go in front of Vinewrath and petrifies players who are not in the cone-shaped area behind the boss. Popping pustuleswill also speed up the process of defeating this champion so be on the lookout for those.

North lane

The last lane to go in is north. When the group is in, a Champion Mordrem Teragriff will appear. Its special mechanic is it will go in front of Vinewrath and scorches the ground 1-shotting people not on top of flowers. Pop open the flowers and jump on these to avoid the scorched ground before the boss does this mechanic.

Trigger Blossom needs to be popped right away to provide platform for the special mechanic of the boss.

These flowers will serve as platform for the special mechanic. Be sure to have the Elevated buff to avoid getting hit by the mechanic.

After Mordrem Vinewrath is defeated, we now move on to the most awaited part..

The Chest Train.

SW eva guild wars 2 gw2 eva guild evergreen group

Oh yes. The chest train. The only phase where people do not go AFK (LOL). In this phase you basically follow commander, and open bandit chests as you go on and kill 3 champions on the way. Or if you are the one commanding, dig up mounds using Silverwastes Shovels to reveal the chests. The Chest train route, chests possible locations, and champion locations is shown below. Please save the image and zoom in on the map to get a better look on chests locations.

SW eva guild wars 2 gw2 eva guild evergreen group

These are the mounds that needs to be dug up. Use your Silverwastes Shovel and use your number 1 skill to dig. Shovels also has scanner, the number 2 skill, that points you to the direction of the mounds if they have not been dug yet.

SW eva guild wars 2 gw2 eva guild evergreen group

This is the Silverwastes Shovel that you need to dig up the mounds. These can be obtained during the first phase, The Foothold, and will be awarded to you after defending a fort.

After the chests have been revealed, there is a fifteen (15) minute timer until they will disappear and will be relocated to another chest location. You will then need to use a shovel to dig up the mound. Remember to keep track of your Bandit Skeleton Key as mentioned in the “Getting Started” part or you will not be able to open these chests.


Now it's time to literally convert everything to $$$.

You thought we’re finished? Not even close. You need to open those bags, salvage the materials, refine the materials and list them on the trading post. After a full rotation of the four (4) parts of Silverwastes Gold Farming, you will have three (3) different bags that you need to save up and give to your salvager (the low level toon). These are:


SW eva guild wars 2 gw2 eva guild evergreen group

Bag of Gear – Which is rewarded on all the three (3) phases on the meta.

SW eva guild wars 2 gw2 eva guild evergreen group

Noxious Seed Pouch – Which is rewarded on The Breach and Mordrem Vinewrath phases.

SW eva guild wars 2 gw2 eva guild evergreen group

Embroidered Coin Purse – Which is contained in the Bandit Chests.

So remember: Save up these three items and give them to your Salvager, then salvage all the gears that you get from the bags and refine them later on.

And there you have it. The whole of Silverwastes Farming. Have fun playing in the sands!

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