Serpent's Ire Overview

Starting Waypoint: [&BHQKAAA=]

4 Squads: 1 squad on each corner

Phase 1: Lure Out Branded Forgotten Zealot (5 Champs, with time limit, with bounty champs abilities)

-North squads will find around north area, while South squads will find around their areas as well.

-everyone should find one, if a squad member finds one, they can ping on the map for the rest of the squad members to kill. This scales.

-red circles are spawn areas. Spawns are random.

Phase 2: Grand Court of Sebelkeh (needs enormous amount of CC)

Kill the Branded Forgotten Zealot (5 Branded) in your assigned squad corner.

After killing it, head to the marked area to kill the 5th Zealot.

Phase 3: Legendary Forgotten + Hydra Pet

-focus kill on Snake first (Ysshi Hessani)

-then Hydra (Pekt Rakt Grag)


At certain points in the fight, (<25% health remaining) he will go Invulnerable, and spawn Branded Sparks at the far end of the mirror of Lyss. These need to be killed, because if he absorbs them, he gets a 2% damage boost


Meta done \o/


Specific meta explanation here 


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