Starting waypoint: Augury's Shadow Waypoint [&BFMKAAA=]


Escort will start on Point 1 going to Point 2

The NPC will then jump to Second camp at Point 3 to start another escort.


From Second Camp, Point 3, The NPC will go to Point 4 where there will be a port to Champion Branded Josso Fisher.

Kill all mobs on the way.


Port to Champion Branded Josso Fisher:


You will be ported in this part of the map:

Champion Branded Josso Fisher:


If the Branded Champion becomes invulnerable, kill all the mobs that will respawn on both sides to remove his immunity.


After you kill the branded champion, you will have some time to gather loot from behind the wall:

After 10min, an event to collect unbound magics around the northern area of the map (screenie) will start. A Crazed doppleganger will appear as well as screen warning of the appearance.

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