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EVA ‘s DS Record Time: 34min (02/05/19)

EVA's new DS record: 34min Thank you and kudos to all EVAs and non-EVAs who joined and helped us in breaking our 35min DS record! To EVAryone (EVAs, non-EVAs and our regular PUGgers) whether you were there or not for the 34min DS record time, we remain grateful for...

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34 min DS

Once again, we beat our own record \o/ … anddddd this, of course, deserves a groufieeeeeee!!!!    

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EVA Xmas Fashionwarz 2018

The EVA Christmas 2018     super, megaaaa, awesome, fantastic, fabulous, posh, smexy, hawt, wrapping paper Fashionwarz winners are... 1st place: EGN 2nd place: Heart of Fletcher 3rd place: Hi Im Ashie...

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EVA Festival Gold Reward

Fully-coordinated 6 squads with 9-10 members each. Each squad consists of 1 chrono, 1 bs, 1 druid, 6-7 DPS. Voice chat is used for better coordination to properly call mechanics. 1 squad = 1 voice chat channel. Champ HPs are coordinated in map chat...

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Rollerbeetle Race Tracks

Below are the tracks I've created so far. The maps themselves are very large, so I've opted to put links rather than inserting images. They also may take some time to load, as they are all a few MB of data. The largest is 5.76MB. Feel free to practise these in...

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Wedding Giveaways!!

EVA HoT Meta Train > EVA Wedding and Giveaways > PvP 2v2 Tournament!!! 1 - 1g 2 - 1g 3 - superior rune of holding 4 - 20g 5 - 1g 6- 1g 7 - 5g 8- 1g 9 - 1g 10 - 5g 11- 1g 12 - 1g 13 - 5g 14- 1g 15 - 10g 16 - superior rune of holding 17 - 10g 18- 1g 19...

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Red is red indeed

HoT meta train it is!! The best part is the "after-train" moments! Fireworks, free booze, and yea red stuff this time <3

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JP Race Event!

LADIES AND GENTS!! THE ENGINES HAD STARTED!!! Congratulations to Merry Christmas for winning the event! First to reached the top, grabbed a beer and gulped it!!!! \o/ Prize won: Hardwood logging node!! woohoo!

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4-min AB meta Challenge accepted!

Record breaking! 4-min AB meta <3 We broke our usual 5-min records \o/ And Rava bet for 2g each to everyone if we kill Octo in 5min or less. Praise thee! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand another 2g round of mails for doing DS merry-go-round phase...

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Lore Quiz Race Winners!

Congratulations to our Lore Quiz Race Winners: First 6 quiz results: bawsy 21 lombomon 25 frezz 22 tarumaru 22 compoundz 23 elso 23   The Winners are: 1st prize: lombomon.7268 Prize: Platinum mining node 2nd prize: Compoundz.6495 Prize:...

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Congratulations to our Fashionwarz winners! 1ST PRIZE – 300G – DRAXAGON.1730 – 168 VOTES 2ND PRIZE – 200G – DANNIVANNY.7016 – 81 VOTES 3RD PRIZE – 100G – CANTRASH.8345 – 72 VOTES

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New guild hall!!!!

WE captured Windswept Haven yay!!!!! For a change of scenery and more challenges to our guild decorators! We are planning to change guild halls every 6 months 😉 Everyone is looking forward for new decorations as jumping puzzles will be amazing in this...

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EVA Around the World

As many of you know this amazing game and even better Guild has brought interaction between people from around the world! Being that we EVA members are spread out around the globe, here will be the start of my blog about my travel around that globe! So here is the...

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Amur Leopard

Video of my mother working on her most recent piece of art, the Amur Leopard. Hope you enjoy! To see more of her work check out her website

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Where it all begun and how-to’s

Hi! As many of you are asking, initially and until now probably, why do we have a website? Isn't that thing "old school"?Yes, thats' what I thought too, at first. It started when I was running a DS meta, during the time we continuously running the HoT train with a...

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The Tonic Deadly Race

Concocted from the deepest, most depraved mind of our dear friend Chris, many courageous guild mates turned up to brave the odds and come out at the top. Congrats to our winners!   1st Place - Filtered.6791 5 BL Keys   2nd Place - CptCodeMoneky.6951 5 BL...

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EVA Christmas Hype Photoshoot

Thanks to all who joined the EVA CHRISTMAS HYPE SCREENIE The winners are: 7th-jlafata.5420 - 45 Wintersday gifts   6th-luthien.4517 - weapon skin worth 23g   5th-brittafer.5603 - weapon skin worth 30g   4th-anik.6472 - weapon...

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Bounty Train - SW VW Train - Hot Meta Train Congratulations to the end-train raffle winners for Lore game stuff thingy at end of bounty train <3 \o/ Esquillax..3491 - 10g Dreamer.8712 - 20g messyrlitvos.7910 - 30g

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