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This page includes meta guides, commander’s guides, do’s and dont’s, a deeper explanation of raid intro and some fractal guides too. These guides are based on a series of reasearches, long-term experience, and evidence-based practice. We will try our best to update these as best as we can whenever there will be new updates and changes to assist people on learning.

How to Lure Axemaster

Beetle Race Tracks

Heat up your engines! and race to win!

Tyria: Silverwaste meta

Want to have fun in central Tyria – the original core of Guild Wars 2? Here are handy guides the make the most of your time!

Verdant Brink Night Meta

Are you having difficulty completing this meta until Tier 4? Are the people in the map uncoordinated? Keep losing points to Mordrem attacks? Here is a guide to properly command this meta whether you have 5 squad leaders, 4, 3, 2, or even 1 commander.

Auric Basin Meta

Is your meta run always lacking commanders to lead a lane? Are you afraid to come up front because you are not familiar with the lane? Click the link and and shower yourself with tricks and tips!

Tangle Depths Meta

Are you one of those hoping to get insta-rich with Chak Egg Sac infusion?  Does your map teammates do not communicate well and delay this meta longer than what it's suppose to be or worse fail? Check out our detailed guide for every lane!

Dragon Stand Meta

Lacking commanders in some lanes? Too shy to step up? Equip yourself with our guild guides inside and be confident!

Bounty Farm

Is your bounty farm taking too long? You go back and forth to the waypoint every after kill? Are there any bounty unique abilities you're still not aware of? Worry no more! Detailed bounty guide inside!

Path of Fire Maps

Do you want to complete Pof maps but too confused about the locations? Check out our completed PoF maps from the PoF map completion guild race we had! Each location is marked to be convenient!

Serpent's Ire Meta

Feeling the need to complete this meta? Worry no more! We got a step by step guide for you!

Fractal 100 CM: Shattered Observatory

Are you having a hard time surviving the multiple mechanics happening all at once? Are you unable to perform your role to the group wekkwell because you're trying not to die? We have detailed explanation of every mechanics in the challenge mote fractal to help you recognize the warnings of deadly blows.

Intro to Raid

Are you aspiring to be a raid farmer? Did you already dig all build sites and copy the builds they have? Are you missing the basics and fundamentals of raiding and quickly jump to rotation practice? We have a brief introduction to raid for beginners to help future raiders strengthen the raid knowledge foundation!

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