It goes without saying that EVA is good group of people. We are able to do so many awesome things when we are able to work together. In just 4 quick hours we managed to kill our first raid boss in 2018, marking the start of building up a static raid group in EVA. Which we have been longing for a while now. It will take many steps and a lot of failures, but we as a guild can help each other get through raids together and slowly improve our equipment, skills, and knowledge of raids of the past and future. We will continue raid training, and then in late April, we will venture off to Reaper’s Gate in Lornar’s Pass and face the Hall of Chains raid and get our legendary precursor ring! I hope more and more members will join us on this journey and we can have multiple raid groups to accommodate all players. But for now, lets make due with what we have and just have fun and kick some ass.

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