EVA in general

General questions asked about EVA

What is EVA?
EVA is a multi-guild community designated for respectful people who want to enjoy the game. It stands for EVA-ryone, EVA-rywhere, and EVA-rything.
How many EVA guilds are there?
There are 3 EVA guilds: Evergreen Group, Evergreen Royal Laurel Squad, and Evergreen Royal Clover Squad (EVA group, EVA Laurel, and EVA Clover)
Is EVA a meta guild?
EVA is not a meta guild but our activities are mostly meta. With the huge number of the EVA community, our group mostly deals with organized metas where we can do an activity that will include the general members of the guild. Playing together is more fun than just chatting and talking together 🙂
What are the other EVA activities?
Aside from meta, we also do raid trainings, raffles, guild events, fractal trainings, and guild missions weekly.
Where is EVA based?
EVA has active members 24/7. Most people are active during the main meta train at 12pm UTC, to accommodate all guildies playing from SEA night time, Oceanic night time, NA day time, and EU afternoon time. We also have a group running mostly after server reset though not regular, NA night time.
What is EVA's rep requirement?
EVA has 0 rep requirement. Yes, zero. However, we would appreciate it if you rep EVA during guild events, of course, like meta train. It is not obligatory and is also okay if your other guilds require 100% rep.
What is EVA's timezone?
EVA is mostly active during the meta train: 12pm UTC onwards. Second most active timezone is 1-2 hours before reset and few hours after that. Since we have guild members from all over the world, we standardize our schedule communication as well as announcements to the game server time: UTC+0. You can check what's the equivalent UTC time in your time zone at the calendar page.
How does EVA manage a huge multi-guild community?
The guild tries to be as organized as possible. The guild leaders does not manage everything on their own. We have guild captains (aka officers/team leaders) who mainly serve as the guild pilots and organize their own activities. Each of the captains has specific members of their own.

Meta Captain -> EVA meta comms -> EVA metabots

Raid Captain -> EVA raiders

Decor Captain -> EVA decorators

Website Captain -> EVA web team

Fractal Captain -> EVA fractal people

WvW Captain -> EVA wvw murderers

Gmissions Captain -> EVAryone

That being said, the guild leaders back up and support whichever area needs help/manpower the most. They also coordinate each activity to the other so it won't create problems and issues. Every member can join as many activities as they want in the guild and do them with guildies.

Does EVA use discord?

Voice chats for better coordination, like rare activities such as new metas from patch and updates (people know HoT metas by heart already), and chit-chats.

Discord chat channels are used for guild activity discussion, addressing concerns, announcements, and brain-storming sessions. Not all the guild members are online at the same time, and we do not want to ignore the topic-inputs of those who are not in-game at the time of discussion. When they get online, they will be able to give their ideas and opinions which will be considered in minor or major guild decisions. Everyone counts.


Additionally, everyone is welcome to EVA discord. If you want to be pinged about open world activities like metas, you can self-assign a role to EVA Metabots, guildie or non-guildie <3 (the instruction is pinned in the general chit_chat channel).

I'm new in discord and I cannot see all the guild channels

There are guild-exclusive channels in discord which can only be viewed once a role is attached. You can add your in-game account name to your discord nick  (Name.1234) or attach your in-game account name with your preferred discord nick in () so we can verify it in game. Let any leaders/captains/discord police know.


EVA recruitment

Questions about guild recruitment

How can I join EVA?
You can ask any commander in game to invite you. You can also head directly here to enjoy the perks of in-site guild events like raffles/mini games that give in-game prizes or access the forms to different groups to join such as raid, decorators, meta comm list, fractal groups, etc.
Are there any rules in joining EVA?
Yes. We aim to maintain a toxic-free, stress-free, drama-free environment that's why we have guild rules to maintain this:

1. Please make sure to read Message of the Day when you log in everyday.
2. Be respectful to each other in the guild. No drama.
Light profanity is allowed in the guild. If to some extends you are feeling uncomfortable with someone using excessive amount of profanities, please report to any leader with a screenshot.
Same thing applies with insults: If you are insulted by someone or you see anyone else being insulted by others, please report to any leaders with a screenshot.
Please help us keep the guild as a friendly, respectful, and peaceful environment as possible.
3. Do not advertise other guilds in the guild chat or during guild activities unless the guild you are advertising is part of our guild alliance.
4. Invite respectful players who are interested in joining EVA. Be sure to read the guild blacklist before inviting.
5. Guild representation is not required for each member.
6. Any officer/member who wants to make a new rule needs to let the leader/managers know first and have a discussion with the entire guild to see whether the idea makes sense for everyone or needs further study. The rules will be approved by the leaders/managers once notified.
7. Being inactive for 1 month is a kick. If you plan to take a long vacation, please let the officers know, your rank will be changed to "Vacation". It will be restored when you get back to the game. You are always welcome to come back if you forget to inform us and get kicked after taking a long break.
8. BULLYING/POWER-ABUSE/MISCONDUCT will not be tolerated. EVA has been formed initially to have a friendly environment and will be kept that way.
The guild sees skills/interests/talents from both new and old people. Promotions will not be hard to achieve, provided that the privileges given will be used accordingly - issues will be dealt impartially with proper investigations.
Provoking drama in chats will not be tolerated, sensitive issues should be settled discretely.
Falsification of reports to harm another member will not be tolerated as well hostility within members, especially those in higher ranks towards lower members.

I registered in the EVA Site already but I cannot login.
After registration, please wait 24-48 hours for us to affix your site role. New registrants are initially blocked to prevent bots from spamming. Once we activate your account, we will send you in-game mail to inform you about it, aside from the email that you will receive. A guild invite will also be sent as well in-game if you are not yet a part of the EVA community.
How can I know If I'm already registered?
You can log in to the site and you receive in-game mail about your site application.
How long should I wait for my account to be verified?
24-48 hours.
I registered already but I haven't received in-game mail.
You were not registered. The registration requires a strong password. Kindly scroll down the page after you click the register button to see if the password requirement is met, otherwise you wont be able to register.
How can I join an EVA game acitvity after i got invited?
You can refer to discord activity discussion channels so you can address your activity concerns to the right captain. There is a channel for each.
Can I join if I'm a new player?
Yes. EVA accepts EVAryone: new player, old player, high or low  AP/MP (achievement points/mastery points). As indicated in the homepage, we will not judge you based on your skills in the game. We will evaluate you based on your attitude, and how you respect guildies and other players.
Can I join even if I don't have a commander tag?
Yes. Actively joining us during the guild events will be a good reason to join the EVA community. Having a tag is a plus.
Can I join if I only do PvE (Player vs Environment)?
Yes. EVA is mostly PvE (open world, raid, fractals). We also have WvW (world vs world) and PvP (player vs player) guild members.

EVA open-world meta events

General questions about EVA and meta

What is EVA's meta train?

EVA meta train is a non-stop farming of metas. Mon-Fri UTC: 4-hr meta in the Heart of Thorns map. It is composed of these map metas in order:  TD-AB-DS-AB-VB Tangle Depths -> Auric Basin -> Dragon Stand -> Auric Basin -> Verdant Brink T4 night meta Saturday: rest day <3 Sunday: PoF metas (the train covers Serpent's Ire, Maw of Torment, Forged Metas, and PoF Legendary Bounties)

What time does the meta train start?

12pm UTC prep time.Tangle Depths map fills fast even though the meta starts at 1230pm UTC. Guildies are prioritized to be brought in the map first before the LFG listings.

Do you do meta train everyday?

Not really: Monday to Friday HoT meta train, Saturday is rest day, Sunday is for PoF metas. We occasionally cancel the train on certain situations:

  • meta commanders are tired and burned out (meta leaders come first c: )
  • new patch (usually 3 days, in game/discord/bulletin announcements are done a day prior)
Why do you do Auric Basin twice?

Verdant Brink meta needs time to be prepared to be able to do an organized meta. It happens at the same time as Dragon Stand meta and there will be no time for the EVA commanders to prepare squad and do markings, as well as instruct the people about the meta (since VB is a meta where the mechanics are not very well understood by many, compared to other HoT map metas). Also, more lewts 😉

I really do not understand what's happening during the meta.

Aside from the instructions from our meta commanders, you can also refer to our guides page.

Do you train EVA commanders and those who want to be a commander?

Yes. We train our commanders very well and those who wanna be trained. Farming HoT meta maps daily burns most people out easily, especially if they take too much time. It gets boring. Not to mention, the fails. Any guildie who would wanna learn how to tag should speak up during the meta train and we will gladly teach you: assign you to a veteran EVA comm to learn.

EVA raids

General Questions about EVA and raids

Does EVA do raid trainings?

Yes. We have a progression/training raid runs every now and then. However, our raid trainer has an erratic schedule so random raid runs are just announced in discord, on call. It will be announced few days/hours in discord raid channel and available squad/class slots in guild chat as last minute call.

EVA wvw

General Questions about EVA and WvW

Does EVA do WvW?
We used to do WvW havoc runs weekly, but due to the inability of our chosen WvW server, Jade Quarry (JQ), to open to every guildie who wanna go in, we are now awaiting for the new wvw system to happen.

EVA fractals

General questions about EVA and fractals

Do you guys do fractals?
Yes. We have static groups that run daily clear in all tiers especially T4+ CMs (fractal 99+100 challenge motes). However, there are also non-static groups who run at any time of the day and asked in guild chats.
Do you do fractal trainings?
Yes. Schedules are set whenever any guildie is interested. Kindly heat to FoTM discord channel and address your concern to the fractal captain

EVA Guild Missions

General questions about EVA guild missions

Do you do weekly guild missions?

We have a set date weekly for guild missions at the calendar page. However, anyone in the guild can activate missions anytime of the day. They can form a group of their own to do these missions. EVA Group and EVA Laurel are already maxed guild, people can fail the mission after getting the commendations. EVA Clover is still levelling that is why we need to finish all the missions for the favors. Favors are used in guild hall upgrades and levelling.

EVA Decorators

General questions about EVA decorations

Yes. We love our guild halls to be well-decorated for our guildies. Any guildie who got maxed scribing and interested to design our home, please feel free to contact the decor captain for you to be assigned in an area to decorate. (So we will be organized and not end up like a salad :p)
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