May 27, 2018 @ 5:00 pm UTC Timezone
Guild Hall
Guildmissions @ Guild Hall

Hi Hello High ho!!! it’s GM time!!!!!!

For those who wants to do GMs in a larger number of guildies by schedule,

come and join the weekly commendation farm:

EVA Clover = weekends UTC or watch out for guild chat call outs in random days 🙂

EVA Laurel = max guild level (no need for gmission completion weekly)

EVA Group = max guild level (no need for gmission completion weekly)

Ask keke in guild events/missions discord channel.


Note: every member rank and above has access to activate the mission anytime they want, for commendation purposes. You can also fail the mission if you already got the needed commendation as we have a max level guild hall in EVA Group, EVA Laurel, and EVA Clover guilds.. We don’t need the influence and favors anymore. However, if you want to join the group missions to do those who cannot be done solo, feel free to join the group <3 

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