Thanks to all who joined the EVA CHRISTMAS HYPE SCREENIE

The winners are:

7th-jlafata.5420 - 45 Wintersday gifts


6th-luthien.4517 - weapon skin worth 23g


5th-brittafer.5603 - weapon skin worth 30g


4th-anik.6472 - weapon skin worth 37g


3rd-skibear.2138 - 50g


2nd-zanzei.8102 - 150g


1st-pinksakura.4530 - 200g

Thanks for all the support :heart: The huge prizes are donated by the guildies. We want to name them but other mails are deleted bec I got suppressed from so many mail prizes. You know who you are, thank you. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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