by Peawel

How to do it? How to command it? An overview:

As the guild commanders run Dragon Stand, we also have copy paste instructions for each of our squads. This is to prevent typing every now and then since we’re running this multiple times daily. But here’s a quick Dragon Stand mechanics:


Dragon Stand meta lasts for maximum 2 hours and resets. A fast group of 3 squads can do the whole meta in as fast as 35 minutes (EVA Record).
3 lanes: North, Mid/Central, South.


​1. Each lane has 1 boss to deal with:

  • ​North – Legendary Stavemaster Adryn  ​​- creates portals, imprison players, high DPS​​

  • ​Mid – Legendary Blademaster Diamid – spins, splits into 3 if not CC’d at 40%

  • ​South – Legendary Axemaster Hareth – high toughness, 1000 asses = huge damage, watch out for black lines on the ground = deadly

  • (or should we just call them.. Steve, Lady Gaga, and Ass)

Escort Basics:

​2. Each lane would be needing a minimum of 15 people per squad to be able to do a decent and painless escort (still depends on the members’ capabilities).


​3. Each escort lasts an average of 30-40min for regular DS meta farmers.


​4. Aside from the Legendary bosses, other major mobs to kill are:

a. Champion Mordrem Thornheart – this guy does not do damage but if CC bar is not broken, he will push towards the previous camp (pushing the squad backwards as well, as they try to kill it) adding more time to the escort. Fast and heavy CCs are needed.

 b. Elite Mordrem Stalkers – these guys spawn in trio with cross above their heads. This should be a priority kill, they will wipe the NPCs you are escorting.

c. Veteran Mordrem Cavaliers – these guys spawn in two’s. They needed to be CC’ed or they will run over the squad: each knocks people down and deals heavy damage. Heavy CC then kill.

d. Any Mordrem Sniper​ – ​not a special mob but these guys kill many. Watch out for orange lines on the ground = deadly, (often ignored).

5. Each lane passes through 2 Spitfires as they move towards the gate.

6. Each lane spawns the designated Legendary twice, one spawn after a Spit and another one after the 2nd Spitfire. Conditionally, a 3rd legendary spawns in the final push towards the gate if the escort is slow.

Lane Walkthrough: 

2 pre-events > thorn > stalkers > cavaliers > 1st spit >
2 events > stalkers > Stavemaster Adryn  > thorn > 2nd spit >
2 events > Stavemaster Adryn > stalkers > thorn > final push to gate

3 pre-events > thorn > stalkers > cavaliers > 1st spit >
2 events > Blademaster Diamid > thorn > stalkers > 2nd spit >
2 events > Blademaster Diamid > stalkers > thorn > final push to gate

​2 pre-events > thorn > stalkers > cavaliers > 1st spit >
2 events > thorn > Axemaster Hareth > stalkers > 2nd spit >
2 events > Axemaster Hareth > stalkers > thorn > ​final push to gate

Events Specific: 

1. North:

Pre events:

​a. Glide up to gather Mordrem vine pods and return them to Briallen – basically, you will just glide and use updraft to get pods and give it to the NPC. Be careful from tendrils as they may hit you while carrying a pod and you will lose it. Technically, kill it before getting a pod.
​b. Bring Chakata shiny wyvern crystals to get the skritt to join the fight – use the bouncing mushrooms and glide to go to the platform above, get crystals and give it to the NPC. Be careful from the mobs along the way. What we do is, kill the mobs first to prevent dying, or if there is a Mesmer willing to place a port upstairs, it will be faster for the squad to complete this event.

 ​Events after first spit:
​a. Defend the planted mushroom until they reach maturity – kill the cavaliers for this event, watch out for massive stacks of burn from these mobs, stay on the back side. Kill the bombs that prevents the mushroom maturity (can be killed with auto attack 1). Poison mastery is needed for this event.
​b. Bring meat from the saurian nests to build a pile to attract wyverns – get meat, avoid mobs, bring meat to the NPC.

Events after 2nd spit:
​a. Help Gammalon Vineripper destroy the brambles and clear a path to the exalted – escort event, kill the mobs along the way. Make sure to kill the first set of mobs or else the NPC will aggro the incoming mobs (not included in the event) or worse Stavemaster Adryn  ​if she respawns early (happens in slow escort).
​b. Help Spleecta turn the exalted machine back on – this is the mirror event, follow the NPC, kill the mobs from each mirror area. Armors will be available for use after this event succeeds.​

2. Mid Events:


Pre events:

a. Retrieve engine parts to keep the cannons online – use updraft to get the engine parts and give it to the NPC. Be careful from traps that will respawn on top platform.
b. Help Grumluki create his bombs – escort the NPC, kill the mobs along the way
​c. Defeat the mushrooms to rescue the trapped Itzel – follow NPC then kill mobs.

Events after first spit:
​a. Toss salvaged scrap to Overseer Braeden so that he can build barricades – use bouncing mushroom to retrieve the parts and give it to the NPC. There are some areas that requires Poison Mastery. Also, be careful from the mobs on the top platform.
b. Destroy the mordrem prisons and get the soldiers to their choppers alive – rescue 5 NPCs trapped in separated prisons. Mobs may kill NPC while they walk towards the chopper, defend them or res when they die.

Events after 2nd spit:
​a. Climb up and retrieve the flamethrower supplies – bouncing mushrooms  are needed for this event. More flamethrowers can be retrieved if you have ley line mastery.
b. Defend Alara the Wolf as she builds turrets – escort event, kill all mobs along the way.

3. South events:

Pre events:

a. Defend Splort as he activates lasers – escort event, kill mobs along the way.
b. Destroy ley-line collectors to gather energy for the Rata Novus device – this is a timed-event. Kill the collectors, get the ley energies (1 collector gives 2 ley energies) and give it to the device located above. The device and some collectors are reachable through bouncing mushroom. The chaks prevent faster completion of this event, can be cleared but do not focus on chaks. Since this is a timed-event, the number of people scales the number of ley energies needed by the device. Do not over scale this event, the spawn time of collectors do not adjust to the over scaling of the area.

Events after first spit:
​a. Escort Dolyak to the camp before escort – escort event, preferably 3-5 squad members only, kill mobs along the way. A successful escort allows the Dolyak to spawn 3 Charr weapon boxes in the camp. Each weapon has different elemental skills. A fire weapon is advised to members having low DPS. Burning damage helps kill mobs easier and escort becomes faster.
b. Kill the Chak preventing the pets from returning to their ogre masters – check map for the respawn area of ogre pets. Do not zerg in here. It’s important to distribute the squad to different spawn areas to finish the event faster.

Events after 2nd spit:
​a. Protect Skeln Razorfist while he builds thumpers – escort event, kill mobs along the way. This should be done faster or Axemaster Hareth ​might hinder the completion of the event.
b. Calm angry beetles down by stomping nodules inside the Chak Nest – this event is for players who have Poison Mastery. Lure the angry beetles towards the nodules, then stomp the nodules when the beetle is within range.

Merry-go-round Phase: 

This phase is accessible once all 3 lanes reach the gate, the gate will then pop giving way to the squad to reach the Blighting Tower.

Basic mechanics for this phase:
The goal is to kill each legendary boss per lane. The 3 preservers which spawn and re spawn around the circle (one after another), however, spawn pods. These pods gives immunity to the legendary boss.

Before arrival to the gate, the squad commander divides the squad to 2 subs:

1 will be the zerg group that will go around to kill the preservers.

2 will be the boss group (usually 6-10 depending on the team DPS and sustainability).

​Sub 1: Zerg group: they will run in circle, clockwise, to kill each preserver spawn.
​Sub 2: Boss group:  they will kill pods and kill the Legendary Boss after.

​1. The commander will mark all the re-spawn points of each preserver. Fast CC is needed for this phase to prevent the preserver from reaching the area where it will summon the pod.
​2. Slow zerg is the main cause of pod respawn, since the group will not be able to be in the preserver spawn location in time. Swiftness is needed.
​3. Necros can spam epidemics, other classes can spam AoE DPS along the way to minimize the mobs.
​4. Ressurecting is not an option during the running phase. Risky. When someone dies, that person should return to waypoint, go to gate, wait for the zerg then join the crowd. Not waiting for the zerg in gate causes the player to die trying to catch up with the group and encountering a lot of mobs along the way.
​5. Preservers re spawn one after another, so if you reached a spawn area and no preserver is there yet, wait for it. Your group might be fast, which is great!
​6. The boss team, on the other hand, focus on pods only. After killing the pods, they will head to the middle platform where the boss is there to kill it. One from boss group can lure the boss inside the middle platform to keep him there while the others kill the pods. If the boss gets out of the platform and hinder the zerg’s pathway, the boss will cause AoE damage to the zerg, preventing a fast zerg run or worse, deaths.

Note: Sometimes, when the odds are not in your favor, everything fucks up and a reset is needed. Teamwork is a must. The commander can mark not only the preserver spawn area but the the Boss group Team Leader as well for a more organized and easier mechanics, especially for new players, to distinguish which crowd to follow.

North Lane Armors

South Lane Golems

Thorn Kill.

Mordy Kill Phase!!!             \o/​      \o/​      ​\o/​

In this phase, each of the squad has 3 islands to populate as seen in the image above (Island Numbers image), especially during vine/flower phases. Mordy will consume the island if flowers/vines were not killed in a short period of time.

Island Numbers

​1. On mordy’s bite, the responsibility of those in the islands near the head or in the bite platform is to CC. The squad who owns that island will all CC, while the 2 other squads grab bombs for faster kill. However, there are circumstances where the RNG is not in your favor: the bite island and the island where the bomb spawned is very far from each other. For ex: bite is on island 2, Mid squad will cc and do DPS while North and South squad will get bombs, Players can use waypoint near the bite island for faster travel after they get the bombs, the bomb will not disappear.

​2. CC should be timed. Mordy will do 3 bites, slow CC is preferred but since there is an average of more or less 100 players doing the meta (assuming some did not AFK) it is difficult to coordinate on the spot, so CC is advised on the 3rd bite. One person can count manually in chats for coordination.

3. Heavy DPS is advised for fake burns. A less 10-15% from two fake burns is a huge help to kill Mordy faster during the bite time.

Below is the typical EVA commander does and chats in squad communication:

Squad message:

Bring a lot of CC: knockback,knockdown,push, pull,daze,fear,float,launch,sink,stun,taunt, etc NECROS-spam EPIDEMICS ELES-spam OVERLOAD AIR HEALERS – spam heals on group of mobs with the squad in it MERSMERS/GUARDS- pls keep mobs together WHEN STACKING: lure mobs on stack dont push, pull instead, might stack + heals + alacrity + quickness


Lane Fast Escort Instructions:

North Lane:

Mirror Event after 2nd spit: gives access to armors, 3-5 armors can easily spam 1 on final escort to push all mobs towards the gate. Mob kills are c/o non-armors

Mid Lane:

use the signal fire to light the torch (located in the camp after first spit) when the escort passes the overlapping gates and thorn appears, the commander can give the assigned person a go sign to light the torch, multiple ground bombs will appear that will make the mobs thinner to reach the 2nd spit faster.

South Lane:

Ley Energy Event before first escort begins – successful event gives access to golems (golem skill3 reflects Hareth’s projectiles), failed event = no golem. Dolyak escort event after first spit gives access to Charr Weapons that will appear in the camp = one weapon has fire skills that gives huge burn damage to the mobs for easy kill.

"Legendary Bosses appears twice only during the escort per lane, if a 3rd boss appears during final escort = ​THE ESCORT IS SLOW "

Gate Preparation:

North and South Squad: Armors and golems can be used inside.
North Armors: 
High HP, high CC

Golems: reflect Ass’s projectiles

Quick Instructions:

The Main objective is to kill the lane boss. The boss gets immunity from the ley collectors/pods spawned and re-spawned by preservers. Here's our strategy, we divide the squad into 2 teams where in Sub 1 will be the zerg team and Sub 2 will be the boss team (usually 5-10 depending on DPS ability of the group and total number of squad members):

Group 1 (Zerg):
Run in circles with tag, kill preservers,target if seen for easy kill. If you die use WP, when you come back don’t try to catch up, wait for zerg at entrance then join the crowd
drop random AoE to group of mobs to minimize the mobs, Necros spam your epidemics, Eles spam AoE DPS, healers spam heals on group of mobs with the squad in it
equip your swiftness utility. slow zerg is the cause of pod res pawn. zerg ignore the pods/collectors and focus on preservers only, the boss group will handle them.
SWIFTNESS IS KEY. When you see a preserver the only thing i want you to think of is CC CC CC
Eles pls equip eye of the storm, Revs pls equip facet of elements, Necros EPI BOUNCE condis from Preserver to Pods to help Boss Team

Group 2 (Boss Team):
Kill collectors,lure boss inside, kill it then join the zerg after. In chosen cases, I may send the boss group to help other lanes, whichever needs help.
1 from Boss team Lure Boss inside while the rest kill pods

Mordremoth Phase:

Squad Commanders will keep the squad on the 3 designated islands only:

North squad green islands: 6/9/5
Mid squad light brown islands: 2/1/3
South squad tanned islands: 7/8/4

Please lets not lose any North/Mid/South islands, and be there esp during flower/vine phases

Mordy’s bite: role of those near the head is just to CC, DPS comes from bombs if bombs respawn on our islands, pls get one, you can WP with bombs you can get back for more bombs if possible boop burn

Fake burn = fly away or dodge, otherwise you’ll die. In some cases we kill on boop burn if HP is <5%

Real burn = comes with yellow chat + bomb respawn + Laranthir whining


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