How to solo kite Axemaster

by Zarathorn

This guide will give you the tools needed to kite AND potentially solo kill Legendary Axemaster Hareth during the Dragon's Stand meta. Kiting allows your lane to avoid dealing with the boss, and is a common strategy by experienced meta groups. Most kiters run full minstrel or another high-survivability stat and while it is fine to do so, you will either hope the boss stays in his corner for the entire escort or rely on your boss group to kill him at the proper time. If kiting in a very defensive setup, the kite is much easier and many of the suggestions in this guide are not required. It is, however, possible for the kiter to run enough damage to kill or almost kill him before anyone even reaches your section of the map.


Of importance to mention is that solo killing Axemaster is in large part, rng. Because of staff's random conditions, your damage will vary greatly from day to day, from having the boss above 60% to having him at 10% before the second Spitfire is down. I have yet to find a more reliable way of doing enough damage while surviving.


Video of a kite, with no deaths and enough damage to solo kill even though I had a bit of help from a misguided squad member

Gear and Prep



The Kite

Boss Abilities

Axemaster Hareth has several abilities to watch for, all of which have visual telegraphs. While his attack pattern changes after his armour is broken, the skills are all used in both forms.

Dealing with Thousand Axes

Axe patterns for Thousand Axes, assuming the original target is directly “south”. Note that the only pattern that cannot be avoided without a minor shift from original targeting position is the second wave.

Tips.. Tips.. Tips..

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