4-min AB meta Challenge accepted!

4-min AB meta Challenge accepted!

Record breaking! 4-min AB meta <3

We broke our usual 5-min records \o/

And Rava bet for 2g each to everyone if we kill Octo in 5min or less. Praise thee!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand another 2g round of mails for doing DS merry-go-round phase in 6min! well done boys!

Lore Quiz Race Winners!

Lore Quiz Race Winners!

Congratulations to our Lore Quiz Race Winners:

First 6 quiz results:

bawsy 21
lombomon 25
frezz 22
tarumaru 22
compoundz 23
elso 23


The Winners are:

1st prize: lombomon.7268

Prize: Platinum mining node

2nd prize: Compoundz.6495

Prize: 60g

3rd prize: elso.9728

Prize: 40g



Congratulations to our Fashionwarz winners!

1ST PRIZE – 300G – DRAXAGON.1730 – 168 VOTES


3RD PRIZE – 100G – CANTRASH.8345 – 72 VOTES

EVA guild meta run! March 4

EVA guild meta run! March 4

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL META RUN! Thank you commanders: Pea, Spawn, and Jay!

Welcome new members!

Kathiel, elso, Genjito, Jhon, soregg, ShadowLord, Sabre, Shaun, and Song of Eternity!

Hope you all can find a home here in EVA

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