The Auric Basin meta-event, Octovine, happens every 2 hours, on the hour.
The Challenges pre-meta happens 15 minutes before this, 45 minutes after the hour.
The meta’s time limit is 20 minutes.

A map of Tarir, the area in which Octovine and Challenges take place.


The Challenges phase is a series of Activity-like, PvP challenges, having different mechanics for each of North, South, East, and West lanes. Successful completion of a Challenge will grant the winner a Golden Enchanted Armor.

North: The first player to kick three (total) mushrooms into the present mushroom king wins an enchanted armor.
East: The last player standing in a PvP arena will win an enchanted armor.
South: The enchanted armor is given to the first player to finish a small jumping puzzle.
West: Auction. Players must pay Aurillium for the enchanted armor; the required amount is decreased over time.

Additional Silver Enchanted Armors, which have half health but may be used by anyone, are also available.

Enchanted Armor: 

Enchanted Armors have several powerful skills available to them; they should be used only by players who know how to use them. If nobody’s using them, however… there’s no better time to learn! Unmanned Armors are marked on the mini map.
The Enchanted Armor skills are as follows:

  • [1] Heavy Weight: Discharge energy to knock back your foes.

  • [2] Pliable Shot: Shoot your foe with energy to inflict weakness and vulnerability.

  • [3] Compulsion: Pull a foe towards your location.

  • [4] Freezing Blast: Freezes foe for 1 minute.

  • [5] Healing Burst: Heal yourself and nearby allies.


There are seven mechanics involved in the Octovine fight, two of which govern loot.

  • Each lane has a unique mechanic which must be used to remove all 15 stacks of Slime Protection from that lane’s Octovine node before it can be damaged.

  • All four Octovine nodes must be killed within 2 minutes of each other, or they will all reset to 25% health and the timer will continue ticking.

  • Occasionally, a Mordrem Breacher will spawn at each lane. This spawns further enemies, including powerful Mordrem Stompers/Floppers (frogs), Snipers, and PunishersFocus on mechanics in THIS ORDERBreacher –> Frogs –> Lane Mechanics –> Octovine. If any of these respawns and it is higher on the list than your current focus, CHANGE FOCUS IMMEDIATELY.

  • More often, the Octovine will spit out Triggerblossoms. These explode when they reach 0 HP and should not be attacked (to avoid exploding them in other players’ faces); the Exalted Armors should try to push them out of the way instead.

  • Giant Mordrem Alphas will appear in most lanes: Stoneheads at Westgate, Bristlebacks at Eastgate, Bonebreakers at Southgate, none at Northgate. These leave traps and cannot be damaged by players, but can be stunned by Exalted Armors.

  • After meta completion, there are 27 chests underground: 5 grand, 14 great, and 8 normal.

  • If the meta-event failed, only a handful of Exalted Chests and Great Exalted Chests are available for looting, and no Grand Exalted Chests will appear; this is caused by most of underground Tarir being blocked off.

pre events: each lane has a number of challenges for 15min. Meta starts when the countdown timer runs out: xx:00

time remaining to finish the meta event

number of slimes remaining before Octo becomes vulnerable for player DPS. The slime count decrease by doing the lane mechanics.

loot time up to xx:30 by the clock

An illustration of the ideal order of operations during the Battle for Tarir.

Lane Mechanics: 

North Lane: Use the Bramble Begone bundle at the start of the room. Ideal way: Herbicide Spray is used to destroy the vine walls that surround the octovine (not the octovine itself). Once these vines are removed, Herbicide Turrets can be built inside. Its fire skill removes one slime layer per shot, like a mortar. The skill does deal damage to allies, so it is recommended to set up the Herbicide Turret a little further back, so that the user and turret are not affected by friendly fire. Faster way: ignore the vine walls and build turrets inside the walls to directly shoot at the octovine.


East Lane: Use the Exalted Bombs to make the octovine vulnerable. Glide and use the updraft to reach the octovine and drop the bombs directly on top of it to decrease the slime layers. Dropping bombs at its foot will not achieve anything. 


West Lane: Transform into a Sporeling/mushroom. Make your way to the sides so you can avoid hits and lose your transformation.  The mushrooms are slow and very vulnerable: a single hit will knock players out of the transformation. Once you are near the octovine, use skill 1 to pop transform and remove 1 slime defense. 


South Lane: An Exalted Explosive spawns at the start of the room, which slowly moves forward to the octovine and can be supported with additional control effects to push it to the octovine to remove five slime layers per bomb. This can only be done by players using skills with knock back and launch on the explosive (pull also works) . Avoid the vine-covered fields left by the Bonebreakers as they roll around the area. If the explosive passes these fields it will be wrapped in vines, rendering it immobile until its Defiance Bar is broken. This bar should be broken with other crowd control effects so the pushes can be reserved for moving the explosive.Take care to not let enemies hit the explosive themselves; hits will remove stacks of the Ba-Boom effect on the explosive. Losing all stacks will cause it to explode prematurely, heavily damaging allies nearby.

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