I - Skorvald the Shattered

1. Fight Mechanics Overview
2. Skills List
3. Other Foes
​4. Island Change Phase
5. Fight Order​ 

II – Intermediate events

1. First Island
2. Second Island
3. Third Island
​4. Fourth Island

III - Artsariiv

1. Fight Mechanics Overview
2. Skills List
3. Other Mechanics
​4. Other Foes
5. Fight Order​ 

IV - Arkk

1. Fight Mechanics Overview
2. Skills List and other Mechanics
3. Symbols above his head
​4. Other Phase
5. Solar Bloom Phase
6. Deathly Consequences upon Failed Mechanics
7. Fight Or​der

I - Skorvald the Shattered

​Harness Solar Energy (from Solar Bloom)

1. Fight Mechanics Overview: 

1. Interact with the blue ball to trigger Skorvald

2. Series of Skills (weapon: 1 Staff) up to 66%

3. 4 Elite Flux Anomalies to be killed on 4 islands. 1 Anomaly per island, can be traveled by Ley-energy wind. Timed for 1 minute to kill all 4.

4. Series of Skills up to 33%

5. 4 Elite Flux Anomalies to be killed on 4 islands. 1 Anomaly per island, can be traveled by Ley-energy wind. Timed for 1 minute to kill all 4.

6. Series of Skills (weapon: 2 staves) up to 10%

7. Rage at 10% up to 1%

8. Kill the Solar Bloom to kill Skorvald

9. Take the Ley-energy wind to the east side of the map to move on to Intermediate events.

Blue Ball on interact

Skorvald the Shattered

Arrows pointing on the direction of the Elite Flux Anomaly via Ley-energy Wind

"Finally, a foe who deserves killing. Make peace with your death, heroes.​"

2. Skills List: 

"You'll burn, cowards! I refuse to suffer defeat. Die!​"

3. Other Foes: 

1. Elite Flux Anomaly
(Timed-phase :1minute)
1. 3 kicks that knockbacks:
          Solar Stomp - melee damage - (knockback)
          Punishing Kick - same as to Skor's (knockback)
          Mist-Charged Stomp - melee damage (knockback)
2. Mist Bomb - orange circles randomly scattered (burn)
3. Mist Smash - yellow-colored burn wave
4. Pulsar Blast - melee damage (ticking DPS with condi)
5. Radiant Fury - same as to Skor's (knockdown effect at (black and red circle 3rd effect)
6. Wave of Mutilation - effect is similar to Cranial Cascade
7. Rage on 25% HP

Elite Flux Anomaly

Anomaly Timer: (1min) the party wipes when the orange circle completely fills the platform

Elite Solar Stomp: standard first attack in 2nd and 4th Elite at both phases (66% and 33%).

Mist Smash: causes up to 20 stacks of burn. comes with 5 greenish and black lines on the ground going outwards

1. Solar Bloom
(appears randomly when Skor's HP is below 50%)
1. Sticks to a random player with a whitish line
2. Explodes after 10 sec of spawn
3. Dealsheavy damage (approximately 10k) and knockback

1. Solar Bloom aggro'ed by a player as seen by a white "electric" line

2. Solar Bloom's Explode range warned with the huge orange circle

3. Solar Bloom on explosion

4. Island Change Phase:

There will be 4 islands with Elite Flux Anomaly on each island. (starting from Southwest going counterclockwise then back to Skorvald)
Transfer from island to island using Ley-energy wind.
Total kill time for all 4 Elites: 1 minute (or until the mid island, where Skorvald waits, is completely covered with orange circle going outwards)
Skorvald tosses fire on each island after every Elite kill = causes burning 
Stay near the wall from 2nd to 4th Elite island (first island has no wall)
Bring stability : often knockdowns = Decreased DPS = delayed kill = time runs out = party wipe
The number of Elites needed to be killed can be seen on the right upper screen

5. Fight Order:

skills marked with * are standard, the rest are random.
Some skills are skipped if the DPS is enough or higher (next phase is reached fast), some skills are repeated if DPS is low (next phase is reached slow)

"So close to freedom..."

II - Intermmediate Events

Second Island: Elite GL-XC S7L - has explode skill. CC when break bar is open. He becomes invulnerable at 75%.

The ball practice (Globolla Marble Mechanics) occurs next, in the same island. A white giant ball will bounce around the island. Players must have 1 person on the path where the ball will bounce. You can see the ground marked with while flat circle, and the next bounce area is lit with a smaller flat white circle, so you can predict where it will hit the ground next (there are 2 bounce areas on the higher platform of this island, 1 or 2 from the party can cover this area while the rest cover the ground bounce areas). Once the ball is bounce out of the island it will open another Ley-energy wind as access to the next island.

Fourth Island:
Elite GL-XC S7L has explode skill (you can see red floating circles around him where it would deal damage once it touches you). This mob has boons, one person can do boon stripping on this boss. It re spawns normal GL-XC S7S cubes, Veteran GL- XC S7M cube, and Red Balls (bomb-deals DPS). These "side-mobs" can be ignored and focus on the Elite enemy since they will disappear once the Elite's HP goes down to 1% and becomes invulnerable. Mistlock Singularity is available on this island to be used in the 2nd boss.

First Island:
One from the party must activate this mini event by triggering (just going near) NTPD Mk 5.1 located at the opposite edge of the platform. When you hear this robot says, "Alert! Alert!" the mini event will take place, the green-colored mini cubes (GL-XC S7S) with 1 vet (Veteran GL-XC S7M) will be vulnerable for "DPS-ing". Just clear mobs and a Ley-energy wind will appear at the back of NTPD Mk 5.1 after he says "Disengaging". Take this to transfer to the next island.

Third Island:
Another set of GL-XC S7S mobs and Veteran GL-XC S7M. Clearing these mobs opens a Ley-energy wind as access to the higher platform of this island. At the edge of the upper area, jump and use special action key (Hypernova) to transfer to the 4th island. However, this can be skipped by: upon arriving to the 3rd island, go to the east side, jump and Hypernova to the next island. Some people find this difficult and fall or get stucked at the falling edge of the next platform if they did not hit the right spot upon using the special action key.

III - Artsariiv

Afflicted with Insight

Artsariiv and clones

Step on the predicted bound area of the white ball to start the fight

"Don't fret. You'll always feel. Suffering is forever."

1. Fight Mechanics Overview:

1. Quick fight opening (intro-like)

2. First phase (Corner fight)

3. CC phase - 5 clones <-- happens on 66%

4. Second phase (Corner fight)

5. CC phase - 9 clones <-- happens on 33%

6. Third phase (Corner fight) (Rage at 10%)

2. Skills List:

1. Beaming Smile - unleashes beams of terrible energy, blinding, fearing, and damaging foes facing the source.

Standard time of spawn:

           a. start of fight (at the center)

           b. after Obliterate post CC phase (on one side) 

Occasional spawn:

          a. Mid fight on corner if Art's HP did not drop to 66% / 33% or 0% after 40 sec followed by a transfer to another corner

          b. Failed Globolla Marble mechanics

WHAT TO DO: stay out of the broad orange lines warning, look away from the eye (literally turn your character view away)

Beaming Smile at mid, start of the fight. Eye icon seen above Artsariiv's head

Beaming Smile on explosion

Corner Beaming Smile

2. Red Marble - "red ball"

3. Taw Shot - shoots a damaging ball of astral energy, every 2sec,  cancelled if cc'ed
(gives her clones 1 sec temporary invulnerability when Taw Shot explodes on clones)

4. Red Marble with Taw Shots

Red Marble with Taw Shots around

5. Obliterate - downs any foe that does not dodge or block, appears every after CC phase.
Smaller obliterates spawns after (from corners to mid, explodes from corners to mid as well, 4 batches)
WHAT TO DO: dodge/hypernova/distort

Explodes when the inner circle fills the outer Orange area of the platform

Obliterate on explosion with red and black circle going outwards that knockdown foes

Mini Obliterates: outermost (on 4 corners)

Second outer small Obliterates (4)

4 second outer followed by 4 second inner small obliterates

4 innermost mini obliterates exploding last

6. Teleport Lunge - teleports to a new corner, creating astral explosions (black and red knockdown wave) along the way. 
Teleport Lunge deals damage when a player is on the spot she will move next.

explosion: knockdown wave

7. Melee Skills:
  slam (stomp)
      scythe downward hit
      scythe upward hit

Slam 1: orange circle warning (corner fight)

Slam 2: knockdown on hit

Scythe downward hit

Scythe upward hit

Spin 1

Spin 2

Spin 3

"You'll end, but the hurt will never, ever stop."

2. Other Mechanics:

1. Corporal Reassignment - Designates a target  (Skull sign above the head) for timed explosion (7 sec before it explodes). Targets must seek containment alone in a time pocket, or they will harm themselves and allies.
2. Skull above the head (warned by a 360-degree orange circle that originates from the person, going outwards), the orange circle is continuously seen on the same person every 3sec until the bomb explodes)
WHAT TO DO: quickly go inside the dome within 7 sec to prevent heavy damage to all party members

Widening Orange bright circle that go outwards covering the whole platform

Warning appearing on screen when a player has a Skull sign: "You're doomed to explode.. find containment immediately!"

A player doomed for explosion contains herself inside the dome

Explosion on containment dome, preventng further damage to other players in the party

3. Orange circles on the ground - deals damage and condis upon explosion.
(daze, burn, torment, bleeding<-- stacks the more you get the same
​condis from other orange circle explosion

Appears throughout the fight.
WHAT TO DO: avoid the orange circles on the ground  when it's about to explode to prevent gaining condis. Move away or dodge.

Artsariiv releasing a Globolla Marble

Globolla Marble Mechanics: the ball bounces around. A player jumps to the predicted bounce surface to keep the marble bouncing until it reaches Artsariiv. Failure to be at the predicted bounce area will trigger Beaming Smile + Artsariiv's transfer to another corner

Globolla Marble reaches Artsariiv, opening her CC bar and giving her boons

4. Globolla Marble - refresh Nova Launch when they bounce on party members, but explode if they connect with the ground

  • appears on the corner fight (starting on second phase onwards) x 8 consecutive bounces around(starts from Artsariiv and ends with Artsariiv)

  • appears during the 2nd CC phase (from one of the Large Clones)

WHAT TO DO: one player will go to the predicted surface while the rest keep the DPS on Artsariiv. It can be a chrono, healer (depends with the party's survivability), C/PS warrior ( if DPS is enough).

"Don't fight unmaking. Hold on to the hurt. Squeeeeeeeeze it tight."

3. Other Foes:

1. Temporal Anomaly - no DPS, respawns the dome for Corporal Reassignment mechanic.

2. Veteran Spark (rare case of having a spawn)
electrocute: sends shocks that interrupt skills
lightning bolt: 

3. Clones - Artsariiv targets player/s, mark them
(red and black circle underneath) and commands her clones
​to attack the target/s.
Applicable to Small Clones and Medium Clones only.

a. Small Clones summoned in the whole fight time:
(3 clones summoned at a time) 

  • start of fight in mid platform

  • corner fights

  • in mid of teleporting from 1 corner to another

  • 2nd CC phase (summoned by Large Clones)

(7 clones summoned at a time from a port)

  • Third Phase

Astral Surge - explodes with astral energy (charge attack, largest damage)
Flying Knee - smashes foes with a flying knee attack
Jab - hits foes with a quick punch
Jab Combo - hits foes with a combo of jabs followed by a strong punch
Head Kick - kicks foes in the head 
Mib Ring - damages foes who stand too close 
Uppercut - punches foes 
Vault - 
Condition Damage: torment, confusion, burning

WHAT TO DO: can be killed with AoE damage with Artsariiv or Epidemic. Main DPS should be focused on the original Artsariiv. (she will do more mechanics if DPS will not be enough to get to next phase or to kill her.

Artsariiv summoning 3 small clones during corner fight

3 Small Clones summoned during corner fight

7 Small Clones summoned from port on Third Phase

b. Medium Clones - summoned on the start of the fight, and after second phase
Melee Skills: 

  • Slam (spins on air and hit foes with Scythe, different from the original Artsariiv Slam skill)

Elemental Skills:

  • Shared Shock - shoots a bolt of electricity that bounces between up to four players, damaging foes in between, 

  • Red Marble

*Rage at 20%
*Turns to 3 small Artsariiv clones after death
WHAT TO DO: can be killed with AoE damage with Artsariiv or Epidemic. Main DPS should be focused on the original Artsariiv. (she will do more mechanics if DPS will not be enough to get to next phase or to kill her.

Medium Clone at Left

Medium Clone Slam attack (spins on air and hit foes with Scythe)

Shared Shock

Medium Clone on Rage, releasing a Red Marble

c. Large Clones - spawns only on CC phase

  • same as to Artsariiv's skills

First CC phase:
5 clones (4 corners + 1 mid)
​          WHAT TO DO: can be killed with just CC. Kill the MID CLONE FIRST
                    > Mid Clonedoes DPS (Taw Shots, summons Small Clones)
                    > Corner ClonesStatic, no DPS
Second CC Phase:
9 clones (4 corners + 4 sides + 1 mid)
          WHAT TO DO: can be killed with just CC. Kill the MID and SIDE CLONES FIRST
> Mid and Side Clones: does DPS (Artsariiv's Melee Skills, spawns Small Clones, Taw Shots, Red Marble with Taw Shots, Random Globulla Marble)
> Corner ClonesStatic, no DPS

First CC Phase: 5 Clones (4 in each corner, 1 in mid) [Southeast corner clone not seen in image]

Second CC phase: 9 Clones (4 corners + 4 sides + 1 mid) [Northeast corner, Southeast corner, and East side Clones not seen in image]

Corner Clone: Floating, Static, no DPS. Taw Shots seen coming from Mid clone going outwards in random corners

1. Taw Shots coming from West Side Large Clone going towards the player, 2. Taw Shots from Mid Large Clone going to Northwest Corner, 3. Red Marble With Taw Shots from North Side Large Clone going towards the player

Side Large Clone spawning Globolla Marble

Side Large Clone doing Slam Attack (warned with orange circle around the Clone and dealing damage + knockback on hit)

Mid Large Clone doing Melee Scythe Attacks after spawning Taw Shots towards Northeast corner

Side Large Clone spawning Red Marble with Taw Shots while doing melee skills

Artsariiv only goes to 3 corners of the platform on random (either starts with NE or NW) in the whole fight. She only goes to the 4th corner if the fight takes too long to kill her (more than 40sec in 1 corner and still not phasing/killed <-- low group DPS) or Globolla Marble Mechanics failed. She starts it with a BEAMING SMILE in the corner before transferring to another.

4. Fight Order:

Regular Fight without DPS delay

"I've seen it. It all ends! But it never stops!"

IV - Arkk

System Architect Repro 2.0

​Defeat Arkk and deactivate DDR.

Accessible by interacting the Blue ball on the platformAccessible by interacting the Blue ball on the platform

1. Fight Mechanics Overview:

1.1. First Phase
1.2. Solar Bloom Phase <-- 80%
1.3. Second Phase
1.4. Solar Bloom Phase <-- 50%
1.5. Third Phase
1.6. Solar Bloom Phase <-- 30%
1.7. Fourth Phase (Rage at 15%)

2. Skills List:

Temporal Anomaly

Bugged Dome. Happens when Anomaly din not appear.

Dome. Re spawns after the Temporal Anomaly is killed.

​1Temporal Anomaly - does not do damage but needs to be killed ASAP. Re spawns a dome where bombed players can isolate himself/herself upon explosion, so not to deal damage to other party mates.
WHAT TO DO: KILL ASAP (a necro can EPI Arkk to transfer conditions to the Anomaly for a faster kill)

NOTE: If, in some cases, this bugs (usually bugs after first failed Arkk kill),

> An Ele can use the REBOUND elite skill to counteract this effect: should be casted within 1-3s after the green circle mechanic

> the person with the Skull can kill himself (do "/gg") so the explosion will be cancelled, can be ressed after.

2. Skull above the head (Corporal Reassignment)

7-sec mechanic:
​        first sec = red above the player's head,
        2nd sec onwards = a black skull appears,
​        7th sec = explosion

WHAT TO DO: before it reached the 7th sec, the player must secure and isolate himself/herself inside the dome.

Any other players who are within the dome range within explosion will receive heavy damage (can down players).

Skull - lasts for 7sec

Player isolates herself inside the dome on explosion

3. Target (Focused Rage) - a target appears on top of a player's head for 2sec, followed by an orange pie that lasts for 5sec, causes Damage and knockback.

WHAT TO DO:  DO not move around so not to cause further damage to the rest of the people in the party. It can be dodged after 5sec to be free from damage. 

Target (Focused Rage) above the head. Lasts for 2sec.

Triangular Orange Warning for damage. lasts for 5sec.

Focused Rage Effect on blast

4. Green Circle (Temporal Realignment) - takes 80% of your HP upon mechanic completion

WHAT TO DO: share to other people so the damage will be distributed. Damage takes effect on the 7th sec after it appears or when the diminishing inner circle reaches mid.

Green Circle. Lasts for 7sec.

Diminishing Green Circle.

Diminished Green Circle. The Ele can start counting 1-3 on this part to do rebound and save the party in case of Anomaly bug.

5. ​Disappearing orange pies (Horizon Strike) - 10 cuts of pie that appears 2 at a time (linear)

counterclockwise (from 100% to 60% HP)
clockwise (from 60% HP and below).

The pie cuts disappear in the same way they appear and deals knocks back and damage.

WHAT TO DO: Make sure you are not in the area where it will blast.

10 cuts of disappearing portion. Full respawn

Horizon Strike Effect: Disappearing cuts. 2 at a time (one from top and one from bottom) with the knockback effect (red and black).

6. Orange-filled floor (Diffractive Edge) - comes in 50% / 70% / 90% floor filled with orange effect:

50% - on HP 100 to 70
70% - on HP 70 to 40
90% - on HP 40 and below

​He waves his weap causing knock backs + damage after 3sec to all players within range.

WHAT TO DO:  make sure you are in the safe area within 3sec after appearance.




7.  Widening orange circles (Starbust Cascade) - appears one circle after another from Arkk going outwards, then inwards after reaching the edge of the platform. It floats players when hit. Appears in HP 60% and below.

WHAT TO DO: jump to avoid being floated and skills being interrupted.

2nd circle disappearing. 3rd circle (outer) appearing.

8. Disappearing Platforms - Tiles disappear around the platform randomly but never all tiles within Arkk's melee range, warned by a red arrow pointing on the tile, Appears in HP 40% and below.

WHAT TO DO: stay out of the tile when an arrow warning above it appears. It's better to stay on his melee range and shift from tile to tile around him since not all of the melee-ranged tiles will disappear at the same time (jump when the tile you are in overlaps with orange-warning damage from other mechanics). 
If you fall, you will be ported in a higher area, use your special action key (Hypernova) to land on a tile safely. Delay Hypernova until you're sure that the tile you will land will not get a red arrow warning. If you land on a disappearing tile, it will be auto-death.

Red Arrow Warning on the tiles that will disappear.

Player ported up upon falling from the disappearing tile. Use Hypernova to land safely on a non-disappearing tile.

​9. Red ball on arrow point (Rolling Chaos) - Arkk points an arrow towards players and release a ball that causes burning ground circle on each floor it touches upon bouncing.

WHAT TO DO: avoid the the direction where the arrow will point.

Red and Yellow-colored arrow

Arkk firing a red ball after pointing an arrow towards a player.

10. Arkk Stomp (Solar Stomp, Overhead Smash) - stomps that causes 360-degree knockdown wave. All player attacks to Arkk during this mechanic is evaded. Happens randomly but Overhead Smash becomes regular when Arkk's HP is 15% and below.

WHAT TO DO: refrain melee damage since it will be evaded, jump on the wave to avoid knockbacks.

Arkk's on air, mid stomp. All attacks evaded.

Arkk's after stomp 360-wave that knocks down players

11. Curved shot - 170-degree orange area (like Ensolyss' Tail Swipe) that hits players within range (same as to Target effect but disappears in 3sec instead of 5sec)

WHAT TO DO: avoid the orange area, if you are on it make sure to step out within 3sec before it deals damage.

12. Mist Bomb - Small Orange Circles on the ground, occurs when Arkk's HP is 40% and below.

WHAT TO DO: avoid the orange area

"Are you insane? The system is inherently unstable! You'll annihilate us all!"

3. Symbols above his Head:

1. Eye  - comes in 2 forms:

a. 360-degree range ​(Blinding Radiance)-  small range, causes fear and blindness.

WHAT TO DO: Move away from the range.

Eye - 360-degree attack warning

Eye -360-degree effect range

b. 3 broad linear sight (Beaming Smile + Cosmic Streak) - warned by 3 broad orange lines

WHAT TO DO: move away from the range area when you see this warning, they turn to a blackish hallow pipe upon exploding (causes heavy damage, can down/kill players).

Beaming Smile: 3 broad lines from 1 sight

Cosmic Streak: 3 broad linear explosion

Rare Case of 1 Cosmic Streak (normal mote)rather than 3

2. Small red and black circle (Solar Bolt) - causes orange circles on the ground that deals damage. Small and red black circles appear below his feet at the same time the symbol appear above his head (he transfers these to players near him)

WHAT TO DO: move away from the circles.

Solar Bolt


3. Red ball (Solar Fury) - this is a warning that he will spawn ball bombs toward each player that will bounce until the edge of the platform. The bounces leave a trail of deadly red circles.

WHAT TO DO: when this Red Ball above his head turns to White Diamond, all players must use the special action key (Hypernova) towards Arkk when the diamond is about to disappear (the balls will bounce back to Arkk). It can be reflected or distorted as well. (This mechanic is crucial for all players to do. A person can be good and dodge all the deadly red circles on the ground but it can damage/down other players (especially glass builds). Thus, wasting time to res downed/dead people).

(Solar Discharge) - 360-degree knockback wave that comes right after Solar Fury.

WHAT TO DO: jump the wave.​

Red Ball on top of Arkk

Red Ball turns to White Diamond. Hypernova/reflect/distort when the symbol is about to disappear.

Scattered Red Ball Burning Circles when some people in the party did not do Hypernova/reflect/distort.

All from party were able to bounce the ball back to Arikk using hypernova/reflect/distort. Note: Solar Discharge (360-degree wave) also seen (always comes right after the Red ball).

Effect of bounced ball back to Arkk: No red circles that cause burn scattered on ground. Note: Solar Discharge is also seen in the image.

4. Other Foes:

1. Elite Archdiviner (Skill: knockback + pull) + 4 Fanatics in each side
appears on Arkk's 70% HP

Elite Archdiviner and Fanatic (4 fanatics respawn on each side of the platform)

2. Elite Brazen Gladiator (Skill: shielded+pulls( same as to CHAOS last boss effect when not CC'd), Melee Skill: Whirling Devastation, Slice) in mid + 4 ads (DOC KIT-B, PLINK KIT-B, BLIGHT KIT-B, CHOP KIT-B), 1 in each side.
appears on Arkk's 40% HP

Left to Right: Elite Brazen Gladiator, PLINK KIT-B, DOC KIT-B, CHOP KIT-B, BLIGHT KIT-B

Elite Gladiator Skill: "Spinning Cut" Pull Range.

Plunge: Blasts on full orange circle (purple blast effect).

Plunge Blast Effect.

5. Solar Bloom Phase: (appear 3x during the whole fight phase: 80% 50% 30%)

1. 4 Solar Blooms appear in between pillars.

WHAT TO DO: Drag each bloom towards a pillar to destroy it. It can also be hit towards the pillar you want it to go to.

Watch out for the knockback effect of explosion that can kick you out of the platform (warned by orange circle). Timed-event, make sure to finish this before the platform is completely covered by the orange effect.

Standard Technique: Clockwise (pull/push the bloom towards the pillar on its right side).

Note: Arkk gains Diaphonous Shielding (1 stack per functional pillar) and Invulnerability.

Solar Bloom dragged to a Pillar. Explosion warned with Orange Cirlce <- can be dodged/blocked.

Solar Bloom being hit towards the Pillar.

2. Arkk opens his CC bar + Huge red ball above his head.

WHAT TO DO:  fast CC / use Hypernova near Arkk if the party lacks CC.

Huge Red Ball + CC bar

6. Deathly Consequences upon failed mechanics:

​1. Forced of the Nightmare - failed CC after the reactor phase, huge blast of damage that can cause party wipe

2. Supernova - failed Solar Bloom phase. When the platform is fully covered by a widening orange effect.

Widening Orange Circle on Solar Bloom Phase


"​I've harnessed the chaos of interminable space-time!"

7. Fight Order:

> The following mechanics  listed below happens randomly throughout the fight. However, some of these also appear standard in some phases which are in the image

1. Temporal Anomaly + Skull + Green Circle (comes in batches. If Anomaly spawns without the skull then no need to kill)

2. Target

3. Red Ball on arrow point

4. Curved Shot

5. Eye 360

6. Small Red and Black Circle

7. Red Ball - bomb

8. Arkk's Stomp (Solar Stomp and Overhead Smash)

​(If the DPS is low, the listed mechanics above happen twice. If the DPS is enough or higher, some of these are skipped).

> Mechanics below are described as per visual appearances and appear standard in the whole fight phase.

Yes No