The [EVA] Community. Evergreen Group is a casual PvE, WvW, and PvP guild. We see ourselves as a family type of group, where each player is valued through attitude and personality.


The [EVA] Community. Origin. The guild was found on December 9, 2016 by a small group of casual and respectful people who are eager to find players alike: individuals who have good attitude and personality that take initiative to help others and the entire Guild Wars 2 community.


The [EVA] Community. Evergreen Group is a family-feel guild. We treat our members the way we treat our family. We will not be judging each player by the skills and experience in the game. Rather, we will be evaluating a member based on personality, attitude, and respectfulness towards others.

We are EVA.

EVA is Us.

EVA has a growing community both in game, Guild Wars 2, and in the site. In GW2 alone, EVA has more than 400 active members and just 20% available slots left for recruitment. In response,  standby sub guilds were prepared in case of overflow. The majority of the guild members in-game is based on NA server although we have a few EU friends in the guild. Recently, EVA has decided to expand in other mmo’s based on whichever game the community members prefer to play. A faster growth is expected soon. Being a part of the EVA family is not only having people to play with, but also friends and family to socialize alongside.

EVA Fun Activities!

Group activities include all profitable metas in the game. Some of these metas are Silverwaste in Tyria, and Heart of Thorns meta maps that encompass Verdant Brink Night meta, Auric Basin’s Battle of Tarir, Tangle Depth’s Chak Gerent, and Dragon Stand’s Mordremoth Fight. With the release of Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire, EVA’s meta runs began to extend to Bounty Farm from Crystal Oasis to Domain of Vabbi. Not to mention, Living World Season 4’s Palawadan and Great Hall metas. EVA organizes these metas whenever circumstances are possible, either scheduled or sporadic, to maintain the enjoyment of the activities.

As for Guild Missions, the guild has already maxed level 69 Gilded Hallow hall, no further influence is needed. Guild mission control is provided to all members. Each member is given the privilege to form a group of his/her own within the guild and do missions. Thus, guild commendations can be acquired by anyone, anytime. Recreational Events. EVA conducts a lot of in-game guild events that come with amazing prizes.

EVA and PvP

As friendly and as polite the EVA guild can be, they too have a taste for more actions. Player vs Player or PvP did not miss the eyes of the EVA population. Whether it is just for amusement, farm, or outlet for rage, the fun in PvP will always be evident in between sword “crits” and torch blows.

World vs World

and EVA

Most Guild Wars 2 players say that WvW is a different realm of the game which hooks people actively. Apparently, a huge population of GW2 is very passionate about the content’s mechanics including our very own EVA. EVA’s home server is Jade Quarry. It is known for a fact that JQ rarely opens that is why our second home is based on Northern Shiverpeaks. Mostly, a small havoc group from the guild is seen on these two servers. Claiming Stonemist Castle or just running around in EotM, the server fighters from the guild are always prepared.

EVA and Raids

Although our community does not have static raid group at the moment, we see to it that we do raid trainings to help our fellow guild mates be familiar with this particular game content. Raiding is considered to be the end-game component by the majority. However, the more experienced players in the guild make sure that our group is capable of catching up with the rest through practice runs from the EVA exclusive and skilled raid trainers.

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Anything and everything. EVA’s freedom wall is provided to all registered and verified members. A place where you can share screenies, in-game achievements, events, art, photography, or even post pictures and videos.

EVA Around the World

As many of you know this amazing game and even better Guild has brought interaction between people from around the world! Being that we EVA members are spread out around the globe, here will be the start of my blog about my travel around that globe! So here is the...

Amur Leopard

Video of my mother working on her most recent piece of art, the Amur Leopard. Hope you enjoy! To see more of her work check out her website


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