Guild Rules

1. Please make sure to read Message of the Day when you log on everyday 2. Be respectful to each other in the guild. No drama.
  • Light profanity is allowed in the guild. But if to some extends you are feeling uncomfortable with someone using excessive amount of profanities, please report to any leader with a screenshot.
  • Same thing applies with insults. If you are insulted by someone or you see anyone else being insulted by others, please report to any leaders with a screenshot.
  • Please help us keep the guild as a friendly, respectful, and peaceful environment.
3. Do not advertise other guilds in the guild chat or during guild activities unless the guild you are advertising is part of our guild alliance.
4. Invite respectful players who are interested in joining EVA. Be sure to read the guild blacklist before inviting.
5. Guild representation is not required for each member.
6. Any officer/member who want to make a new rule needs to let the leader/managers know and have a discussion with entire guild to see whether the idea makes sense for everyone. Rules will be approved by the leader/managers once notified.
7. Being inactive for 1 month is a kick. If you plan to take a long vacation, please let the officers know. Your rank will be restored when you get back to the game. You are always welcome to come back, if you forget to inform us and get kicked after taking a long break.
8. BULLYING/POWER-ABUSE/MISCONDUCT will not be tolerated. EVA has been formed initially to have a friendly environment and will be kept that way.
  • The guild sees skills/interest/talents from both new and old people. Promotions will not be hard to achieve, provided that powers given will be used accordingly - issues will be dealt impartially with proper investigations
  • Provoking drama in chats will not be tolerated, sensitive issues should be settled discretely
  • Falsification of reports to harm another member will not be tolerated as well hostility, especially those in higher ranks, to members will be given appropriate action.