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EVA Around the World

As many of you know this amazing game and even better Guild has brought interaction between people from around the world! Being that we EVA members are spread out around the globe, here will be the start of my blog about my travel around that globe! So here is the...

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Amur Leopard

Video of my mother working on her most recent piece of art, the Amur Leopard. Hope you enjoy! To see more of her work check out her website

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Where it all begun and how-to’s

Hi! As many of you are asking, initially and until now probably, why do we have a website? Isn't that thing "old school"?Yes, thats' what I thought too, at first. It started when I was running a DS meta, during the time we continuously running the HoT train with a...

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The Tonic Deadly Race

Concocted from the deepest, most depraved mind of our dear friend Chris, many courageous guild mates turned up to brave the odds and come out at the top. Congrats to our winners!   1st Place - Filtered.6791 5 BL Keys   2nd Place - CptCodeMoneky.6951 5 BL Keys     3rd...

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EVA Christmas Hype Photoshoot

Thanks to all who joined the EVA CHRISTMAS HYPE SCREENIE The winners are: 7th-jlafata.5420 - 45 Wintersday gifts   6th-luthien.4517 - weapon skin worth 23g   5th-brittafer.5603 - weapon skin worth 30g   4th-anik.6472 - weapon skin worth 37g  ...

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Bounty Train - SW VW Train - Hot Meta Train Congratulations to the end-train raffle winners for Lore game stuff thingy at end of bounty...

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