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Availability at Christmast Eve

How many ppls are available at Christmast Eve?
Please comment below

What time are we talking about here? Being UTC+10 it will be Christmas Day for me possibly. XD

yup, it's Christmast Day for ur time zone

Im PST, i could be on maybe at 9:30pm for me

UTC+10, but I will be gw2ing for the most Christmas, unless it is 2am midnight for me.

Not me.

GMT+8, It will be December 25 here when you guys have Christmas Eve. I'll most likely not to be online on 24-25 since I'm going to visit my parents. No lappy and I cant transport my whole pc rig 😀

Will also be December 25 for me, I can't make any promises since i'll be really occupied with family. Will probably be afk 80% of the time.

Yes No