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Mother's Art <3

Annie Sylling, an amazing artist yet to be discovered for her beautiful art and she is also my mother. I was told I could write about anything so I thought I would share about my mother and her beautiful work. I like to try and show her work off as much as I can, she deserves to have her art shown in galleries and hopefully one day it will be. I am very proud of my mother, she puts a lot of time and thought into her work, some of these paintings can take days, even weeks depending on the size. She has done a variety of mediums as you will see in the photos.


The piece above is one of my absolute favorites, it is called "Poachers". My mom loves wildlife and so do I, poaching is a huge issue that goes on and beautiful creatures such as zebras, tigers, and elephants are all in danger of it. So my mom painted this piece to stand against poaching.

Magnificent Leader

Elephants are such amazing creatures. They really are a family, a very large family, always looking out for one another. Hard not to admire these beautiful creatures. Elephants are my moms favorite.

Sunken Treasure

This piece, "Sunken Treasure" is really awesome. I love the dark colors with the different shades of blue. Plus, who doesn't love sunken ships right? They are definitely quite interesting.

Cold Weather

This is also amazing, all her work is. I hope all the pieces I have shared shows just how much of a wide variety she can do for art. From pencils to pastels, from pastels to paints. From sketch paper to canvas, from canvas to yupo paper. I am pretty sure there is nothing she can't do. I love to brag about her work, if that wasn't obvious already. If you like what you see and want to check out more, her website is now up and running,

So please feel free to check out her site and her work! Also check out the video link below to see her at work! Hope you all enjoy/love her art as much as I do.